Board Members



Dato’ Kamal Darus is a retired Rear Admiral having served the Royal Malaysian Navy for 37 years. He holds qualifications in Naval operations, administration and management from various institutes and earned his Master Defence Studies from University of New South Wales, Australia in 1996. He has vast experience in the Navy holding various staff and command appointments in operations, plans and development, education and training and project management.  
Raja Aziz bin Raja Mamat has vast experience in retail & marketing, specialising in the jewelry industry. He is actively involved in events management, organizing corporate and private events and show business. He is also experienced in food catering with his involvement in managing a family-owned business.  
Lim Sew Hok,  is a civil engineer by qualification. He worked with FELDA for 21 years as a civil engineer to oversee village development, staff housing, roads and water supply projects for various Felda oil palm and rubber schemes. In the private sector, he has been involved in property development and management of condominiums and retail shopping mall. He is also involved in the hospitality industry. lim-sew-hok
Yau Sen Hock is a Board Member of KSB with many years of experience in marketing. He has been an agency manager with Public Mutual Berhad since 1995. Prior to this he was an insurance consultant for about 8 years.      
Irwan Irma Nizam Bin Mahmud graduated with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2002. He started his career as a Unit Manager of an insurance company for 7 years and then for 3 years as an agency development manager. This was followed with a 3 year period as a branch manager of a bank. Presently, he is a business development manager with an insurance company.  irwan-irma-nizam-bin-mahmud_roundcorner
Commander Abd Rahman bin Zainuddin joined the Royal Malaysian Navy in 1980 and retired in 2008 having served for twenty-nine years. He has served the RMN in various capacity in the maritime warfare & operation, and commanded warships of the fast attack and the frigate class. As a staff officer he served in various capacity at the Fleet, Navy, Joint Force and Armed Forces headquarters. Upon retirement, he worked at highway maintenance company and later at Target Mega Marine Sdn Bhd as Senior Manager of submarine rescue services to the RMN submarines. He is currently running own business.  
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