Procedure for Non-Motor Claims

Step 1
Report it to the relevant authorities within 24 hours if there is an event involving death, injury, damage or loss.

Step 2
Inform Takaful IKHLAS by contacting our Customer Service at 03-2723 9999 (office hours) or go to the nearest branch and fill the claims forms provided in the website. Provide the full name of the Participant / Student, postal address and telephone number to be contacted.

Step 3
Submit supporting documents as evidence of the incident and the loss / injury suffered. Supporting claim documents vary according to your protection product certificate.

Step 4
Takaful IKHLAS will notify you if there are any additional documents to process your claim.

Step 5
Takaful IKHLAS will appoint a loss adjuster if necessary to evaluate your claim. The loss adjuster will contact you for this purpose.

General Claim

Fire Claim Form

Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme Claim Form

Ikhlas Kembara Takaful Claim Form

Personal Accident Takaful Claim Form

Contractors All Risks Claim Form


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